6. Holler if You Hear Me

by Gregory Michie

Yet another self-congratuatory book written by a teacher who highlights how he "got through to" urban youth and maybe changed a few of their lives. I am reading it for one of my grad classes in education.

I'm tired of the "If I could just change one life, then my whole career would be worth it" claim. That's bullshit. I am suspicious of what aspects of "their" lives these teachers think need changing and wonder why if all their lives need changing it's considered a success to do so for only one of them.


Olman Feelyus said...

Well the changing only one I think means that if you help just one person, that's a lot. One life has plenty of value. I don't have a moral judgement on that, just interpreting the meaning of the cliche. The value of life seems very relative to me.

Jarrett said...

I have two theories: the first is that "i saved that kid" means "I made him like me" and the second is that some kids are really fucked up and if the teacher was a lifeline to help them do homework, pass classes, not kill themsleves or their parents, or rob the deli, well, then good fuckin job, keep on truckin.