7. Hell's Angels

5. by Hunter S. Thompson

While most people pick this book, and other Thompson works, expecting more Fear and Loathing, I knew better. It does have Thompson's strong, vivid langauge, but the Fear and Loathing fans will find themselves reading the language of a maverick journalist more than a drug saturated edge runner. Basically, Thompson runs with the California Hell's Angels for nearly a year until one day they stomp him.

Hell's Angels is a very good read, that is if you have an iterest in American 1960s misfit outlaw culture, violence, and Thompson's acute sense of cultural movement. And of course Thompson's langauge is superb. I really liked it.

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Olman Feelyus said...

This is a great book. I think it's the one that put Hunter on the map before Fear and Loathing. I still love Fear and Loathing, consider it to be a masterpiece really. But Hell's Angels is good. It really captures that 60's and 70's northern california feel. The history of the Angels is also really well done. You begin to see how Hunter could start to get all paranoid!

Sigh. The world has changed. Not many real radicals left.