3. Spit in the Ocean, vol #1, "Old In The Streets"

edited by Ken Kesey.

This is the very first volume in Kesey's (and friends) 7 volume literary journal. This one, volume 1, came out in the winter of 1974. As I mentioned last year in a short review of volume 2, my significant other, Sandy, called the Kesey farm and asked how she could find these rare documents for me. Zane Kesey (son) took the phone from his mom and said, "I think I've got them laying around." Low and behold, I've got them all!

These are extremely rare and have never been reproduced, which is a shame because there is some great art in these pages.

Of course, Kesey contributes a 20 pager called "Tranny Man," that captures his love for the folks, the voices, along the way, whichever way that is. Other contributors are Nella Novak, Margo St. James, Ray Andrews, Wendell Berry, Laurance Gonzales, Ken Babbs, Henry Crow Dog, Paul Sawyer, Paul Krassner, and others.

All of them turning life's stuff upside down to see what's under there.

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