8. Art Works! Interdisciplinary Learning Powered by the Arts

Edited by Dunnie Palmer Wolf ad Dana Balick

The itle of this book pretty much tells the whole story. The theory is pretty straightforward stuff. But this book was valuable in that it provided a collection of in-depth case studies of teacher incorporating multiple disciplines into broad themed projects. Often, the results were interesting school wide projects.

Most notable was a project headed by a Humanities teacher in Massachusetts. She had chosen the topic of "The Middle East" and knew she wanted her students to explore the many cultures and conflicts that exist in that region today, especially the issues surrounding Israel. She and many colleagues from the other disciplines (Math, History, Science, Art, etc.) developed what they called The Jerusalem Project. In short, students were challenged to create designs for a community center in Jerusalem that would meet the needs of the diverse groups now living in conflict in the region. The idea was to create a facility that would express, architecturally, the values of all groups and would bring the sides together. You get the idea.

Anyway, on to the next novel...

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This book sounds great! I'm going to have to get me a copy!