I haven't been doing a lot of reading outside of student wok, but that doesn't mean there aren't a lot of words going in. Here are a few songs that have affected me lately:

I See a Darkness - Johnny Cash and Will Oldham (Oldham's song)
The Curtain/With - Phish (Brooklyn Cyclones Stadium, August, 2004)
No One Knows My Name and Lover's Prayer - Gillian Welch (in fact the whole album, Soul Journey is excellent)
Ole Slew Foot - James McMurtry
I'm a Long Way from Home - Shooter Jennings (singing one of his dad's songs)
Falafel - Pierre Bensusan
Willin' - Little Feat

Still can't get enough of Richard Shindell's album, Vuelta, that I bought a year ago.

I have also been purusing the brand new Who album wherever I can hear it for free. It's pretty good. Townsend sings a lot and, in their old age, he sounds much better than Daltry. The album is a poppy and operatic at the same time, which is how Townsend has always been. But the rock opera section of this one is about a pop band that does something-or-other so it makes sense. Some great Townsend vocals.

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