18. The Crucible

by Arthur Miller

This reading was inspired by the folks at June23rd.

Our nation had bizarre and violent beginnings. In a way, we are born from moral panic. We haven't stopped hunting witches, in their many forms, since.

The Crucible is really good play. I just taught it to my tenth grade. We read the whole thing in class over the course of two weeks. They loved it. I loved it. It really came to life over the days. We traded off parts each day so everyone read minor and major parts.

A great reading experience that turned into somewhat of a performance. I am looking forward to the next time they play comes around.

This will be a bit cryptic (to minimize spoilers) I am amazed by what happens to Salem when damn near all its leaders are in jail. And why is not cause for the men to rethink. Just the fact that no one in the region put a stop to this is mind boggling.

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