8. The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fist Fight in Heaven

by Sherman Alexie

Alexie is a Spokane Indian poet and novelist. This one is a collection of endearing, heartbreaking, humorous and ultimately hopeful in a limited way, short stories. Great stuff. I am exploring the stories along with my 12th grade English class. It has been great. They love his writing too but often for different reasons than me.

I think the author photo on the newest edition of Lone Ranger says a great deal about the man. Kind of reminds me of this guy's humor. A lot of pain that humor can make tolerable, sometimes palatable.

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David said...

I read this book years ago, after seeing the mediocre movie "smoke signals" that was based on it- apparently Alexie was pretty pissed that they called it 'smoke signals' since it reduces Native American culture to a catch phrase that has nothing to do with the film. I had mixed feelings about the movie- there were some good points to it, but there was some terrible acting and it was, in many ways very trivial.

In fact, I forget why I liked it, or what about it prompted me to read the book! :)

Anyway, the book was so much better.