27. Carrie

by Stephen King

This is far more intense than I remembered it. It's a great little novel about a perpetually picked on young woman who happens to be telekinetic. All hell breaks loose but not before we learn about Carrie's horrific upbringing and the abuse her peers inflict upon her daily. I rooted for Carrie all the way through the mayhem. What an ass kicker!

Makes the movie seem like a cardboard representation of one of King's most potent stories. This is before he was writing screenplays in the guise of novels.


WalkerP said...

Early Stephen King was so intense. You should read his book On Writing where he talks about the two girls in his high school in Maine who inspired the Carrie character. The reality is more brutal than the fiction he made out of it and the way he tells it makes it so painful. This is one of the things that makes King such a great writer is that he really watched people and took their reality to heart and then didn't pull any punches when he wrote about them.

Dan said...

I loved Carrie when I read it decades ago. It was the book that made me read a lot more Stephen King books.
For the first 8 or 10 years (maybe longer, I forget) King was amazing.

Go to your closet and pray...and don't show them dirty pillows.

I could not and still can't decide who was worse. The other kids or Carrie's own mother.