27. Carrie

by Stephen King

This is far more intense than I remembered it. It's a great little novel about a perpetually picked on young woman who happens to be telekinetic. All hell breaks loose but not before we learn about Carrie's horrific upbringing and the abuse her peers inflict upon her daily. I rooted for Carrie all the way through the mayhem. What an ass kicker!

Makes the movie seem like a cardboard representation of one of King's most potent stories. This is before he was writing screenplays in the guise of novels.

26. The Taggerung

by Brian Jacques

This is a fantasy book recommended by one of my students. He said, "I think since you make us read books, we should be able to make you read books." I said ok and he brought this book in the next day. I'm glad I read it.

It's the 14th book in Jacques's Redwall Series. Good stuff. Though that's all I have to say on the matter.