2. Rogue Male

by Jeffrey Household

I randomly picked it up from a book exchange in a hotel lobby.  It's a very good 1930s thriller.  A wealthy, influential Englishman, who loves the hunt, decides that the ultimate challenge for him would be to see if he can stalk close enough to a horrible dictator in a neighboring country I says he doesn't want to kill the dictator, but to see if he could.  The challenge would include getting the dictator in his sights.  He gets caught at the moment the challenge is met.  He is imprisoned, tortured, etc., but eventually escapes. The vast majority of the story is what happens after he gets way, and goes underground... literally goes underground.  In his hole, he is reflecting on the course of events.  It is an adventurous chase, where the protagonist becomes the prey.  But what is striking about the novel is that the main character is a highly skilled survivalist. It's, in fact, a great survival novel. I could not believe the detail I was reading. Imagine a thrilling survival manual.  What a strange little novel.

Never heard of this guy, or the book.

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